How to Get Rid of Itchy Beard (Dandruff)?

The biggest problem faced by the men with a beard is ‘itching’. In order to shape up a cool beard style, it is first recommended to grow a full beard. And obviously, when you grow a long beard, you may feel the itching sensation more often. This itching problem can be solved by following some basic instructions.

Sporting a bearded look has become a fashion trend these days. Most people are looking beautiful with a beard on too. However, you should remember to choose a facial hairstyle depending upon the shape of your face and body. Only then you can enhance your looks, else it will be a total misfit.

Taking care of a beard is an art and not everyone could master it. Most men do not understand this concept. They simply think that growing a beard means leaving it uncut for a few days or months. This is completely wrong. When you don’t take proper care of your beard, it creates several problems like itching, heat rash and even chicken pox.

Beard itching is a very common problem seen in a lot a men these days. It is also known as ‘ringworm’. It is simply a superficial fungal infection that affects the skin on the beard area of the face and neck. The itching of beard happens mostly due to improper shaving, dandruff, using dirty blades, irregular cleaning of the beard etc… It you don’t take necessary precautions to cure the itchy beard problem, then it is going to be very painful and make you feel uncomfortable.

Best Way to Get Rid of Itchy Beard

How To Get Through The Itchy Beard Phase
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You can easily stop your face from itching while growing a beard by following the below precautionary measures.
  • First of all, use a separate towel for cleaning your face after washing. When you share it with others or use a common towel, then you may be affected with dandruff and other problems. Also, don’t rub your beard too hard with the towel.
  • Like the towel, you should also have your own pillow while sleeping.
  • Always clean your beard properly with water when come from outside. This is to avoid the dust particles caught in your beard from causing the itching sensation.
  • Use only the best beard oils and conditioners.
  • You can also use a good anti-itchy cream or gel to stop the facial hair from itching.
  • Always use a beard conditioner shampoo to wash your beard during the day.
  • While taking a bath, make sure to use the best type of soap.

These are the most common and recommended precautionary measures to be taken in order to avoid an itchy beard. If you’re still worried about the itchy beard, then do consult a skin specialist and take proper treatment. For best results, make sure to stop growing the beard as long as you take the treatment.


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