Best Afro American Beard Styles for Black Men

As we’ve already discussed, you’ll need to grow a beard according to your facial shape and hairstyle.

This is because not all beard styles would match everybody. This rule even applies to the African American men as majority of them sport a curly hairstyle and for such type of hair, it is very difficult to grow a matching beard.

However, they have one advantage i.e., their facial shape. There are a few suitable beard styles for the African men, which include Full beard, Van Dyke, Chin Strap, Rick Ross Style, Soul Patch or Mustache, Scruffy beard, Chin Strap etc…

While choosing the best beard styles for black men in 2017, you should consider two things – one is the facial shape and the other is the skin tone. One advantage African men have is their skin tone. Most of the black men have excellent skin tone making it easier for them to sport different facial hairstyles.

Most of the African American men has round shaped face, while a few have oval or long facial structure. So, do check the below pictures to determine your facial type and then take that picture to your stylist so that he can get you the desired beard style that suits your face.

Full Beard Styles for African American Men

Nothing can beat the full grown bearded look. However, you’ll need to trim it accordingly so that it doesn’t look awkward with uneven hair length. It is evident that the men with full beard get their due respect of man as people usually treat men without beard as younger. Below are a few full beard styles that suits the black men.

Full Beard Styles for Black Men
Drake Full Beard for Black Men
Youth Beard Styles for African American Men
Rick Ross Black Men Beard Styles

Beard Styles for Black Men with Short Hair

There are a few people who like to sport a cool beard style with short hair. So, if you’re one of such kind, then here are a few facial hairstyles that suit all ages.

Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair
Facial Hairstyles suited for Black Men with Short Hair
Cool Beard Styles for African American Men
Edge Up Beard Style for African Men
Will Smith Short Hair with Cool Beard Style

African Beard Styles for Men with Dreadlocks

If you observe carefully, you’ll find a lot of black men sporting dreadlocks and it is so attractive. To enhance the look further, you can sport a matching facial hairstyle.

Beard Styles for Black Men with Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks with Cool Beard
Beard Styles that suit men with Dreadlocks
Full Beard for Black Men with Dreadlocks

Sporting a cool beard style will definitely enhance your looks and make you look handsome. If you’re from the African American origin, then these beard styles will definitely match your facial shape and skin tone. Try these unique facial hairstyles for black men and let the ladies fall in love with your style.

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