Cool Beard Styles for Bald Guys or Men with Shaved Head

Generally, it is a norm for people to think that beard is only for those with a good looking hairstyle.

But, like everything in this world, fashion trends too change with time. And Yes! Men with bald head too look good by sporting a beard or facial hairstyle that match their facial structure.

Basically, there are two types of bald heads – permanent bald head and clean shaved head.

In the first type i.e., permanent bald head, there will be some hair on the sides of the head, whereas in the second type, it is completely hairless (those who choose to shave off a full head of hair).

So, it is very important to grow a beard style that balances your face shape and size so that you could attract the eyeballs towards your beard easily. You can give your personality an extra mile by sporting a cool beard style with the perfect dressing.

Different Types of Beard Styles for Bald Heads

You can sport any of the below facial hairstyles for a trendy look. They are

  1. Goatee (Full or Classic)
  2. Stubble
  3. Full Beard
  4. Mustache

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Best Beard Styles for Bald Guys (with Pictures)


Hugh Jackman, who is popularly known for his role as a Wolverine in the X-Men series has got a completely new avatar (Blackbeard) for his role in the upcoming movie ‘Pan’. He is sporting a beard style called ‘Goatee’ with twirled mustache and a shaved head. This facial hairstyle is also known as Van Dyke.

Hugh Jackman with Twirled Moustache and Goatee Beard

There are various styles of Goatee but everything falls under two categories – full goatee and classic goatee.

The full goatee is often seen in bikers, corporate people, construction men, evil twins from the outside world (just kidding) etc… It suits the class people as well as the mass.Whereas the classic goatee is often seen in rock stars (people related to music niche), IT guys and a lot of youngsters.

Bald Head Men with Classic Goatee
Bald Headed Men with Goatee Beard
Full Goatee with Bald Head for Youngsters
Goatee Beard Style for Balded Men
Goatee Mustache with Bald Head
Goatee Beard for Balded Men


This beard style is good particularly for men with bald head (some hair on the sides of the head). The aura of the stubble is sexy.

Bald Men with Stubble Beard Style
Becham's Stubble Beard with Baldness
Stubble Facial Hairstyle with Bald Head

#3.Full Beard

The full beard is actually a counter to the baldness. Instead of the hair on your head, you grow a beard on the face. The full beard is an excellent choice especially, for those who crossed their 40’s. This style may look traditional, but you can customize it to look modern.

BTW, who else would look great with full beard and bald head, other than our very own Bruce Willis?

Bald Men with Full Beard Style
Bruce Full Grown Beard with Bald Head
Long Beard Styles for Bald Men


If you don’t like to or not comfortable sporting a beard, then you can try to grow a mustache. The mustache is one of the best options to style with a bald head. Simply, leave your mustache unshaved for 3 or 4 days and it will blend with your face.

Bruce Mustache with Bald Head
James Franco is a Bald Men with Mustache

Hope these best beard styles for bald man are inspiring. If you come across any good beard options on the web, then please comment with the URLs below.

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