Best Electric Shaver for Men in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A standalone beard trimmer is perfect for trimming or shaping your beard. But, what if you wanted to have a clean shave at home?

That is where the Electric Shavers come handy.

Most people use disposable razors thinking that they’re the cheapest option. But, when you use them in the long run, the costs add up and it gets very costly when buying shaving cartridges.

You can instead buy one of these Best Electric Shavers in India, which costs high initially, but in the long run it becomes much more economical than regular razors.

Advantages of Using an Electric Shaving Machine

  • Initially costs high, but saves you a lot in the long run
  • Takes just 3 to 5 minutes for a complete shave, whereas the manual razor easily consumes 10 to 15 minutes of your time
  • Can be used with gel, foam, soap or even water
  • No more cuts, scars or skin irritation; Most shavers come with high safety cutting features
  • Supports dry shaving, which is not possible with manual razors
  • It also doubles as a beard trimmer

Best Electric Shavers for Men in India

1.Philips Aquatouch AT890/16 Electric Shaver

Philips Aquatouch Electric Shaver AT890-16 for Sensitive Skin

The Aquatouch AT890 from Philips is our first choice when it comes to best electric shaver India, the reason being its awesome features and build quality.


  • Cordless shaver with rechargeable battery
  • 1 hour charging gives 50 minutes of usage
  • Waterproof; You can also use it in the shower, with gel and foam.
  • Also supports dry shave
  • Skin protection system; No more cuts and your skin is safe.
  • Dual Precision blades for comfortable shave
  • QuickRinse system: Can easily be cleaned under the tap
  • Comes with Pop-up precision trimmer
  • You get a cleaning brush and protective cap along with the shaver
  • 2 years Philips India warranty

Price: Under 4000

Available on

2.Philips S5050/06 Aquatouch Electric Shaver

Philips Electric Shaver S5050-06

The Aquatouch S5050, as per our review, is the 2nd best electric shaver for men in India. However, it is a bit on the pricier side when compared with the AT890 model.


  • Cordless shaver with rechargeable battery
  • Aquatec Seal: 100% waterproof and can be used under the shower, with gel/foam or dry shave
  • ComfortCut blade system: No more nicks and cuts
  • Comes with 5-direction flex heads with independent movements for better skin contact and clean shave
  • It also doubles as a beard trimmer, which is ideal for cutting short your sideburns and mustache
  • It takes 8 hours for a complete charge and gives you 30 minutes of shaving
  • 2 year worldwide guarantee

Price: Under 5000

Available on

3.Philips Aquatouch AT620/14 Electric Shaver

Philips Aquatouch Electric Shaver AT620-14

The Aquatouch AT620 is picked up mainly for its build quality and great shave features.


  • Cordless trimmer
  • Aquate Seal: 100% waterproof
  • Supports both wet and dry shave
  • CloseCut blade system for safe skin
  • Comes with anti-slip coating on the grip
  • Also doubles a precision trimmer
  • Gives 30 minutes of usage on 10 hours of charging time
  • 2 years worldwide guarantee

Price: Under 3000

Available on

4.Philips S1030/04 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

Philips Wet and Dry Electric Shaver S1030-04

This is a rechargeable electric shaver with both wet and dry shave.


  • Cordless trimmer
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comes with flex heads and 3 independent movements for better skin contact and gives clean and perfect shave in tricky areas like neck and jawline.
  • Self-sharpening blade system
  • Gives 45+ minutes of shaving time (15 shaves) on a 10 hour charge
  • 2 year worldwide guarantee and can adopt to any voltage

Price: Under 2000

Available on

5.Philips AT600/15 AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

Philips AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver AT600-15

It doubles up as both dry and wet shaver, and comes with advanced features, which make it one of the best electric shavers for men in India.


  • Cordless trimmer
  • Aquatec Seal: Can be used in the shower with foam/gel and can also perform dry shaving
  • Closecut blades glide smoothly on your skin, leaving no scars or cuts
  • Handle comes with good grip and anti-slip coating
  • Comes with a pop-up precision trimmer
  • 10 hour charge gives 30 minutes of shaving
  • 2 year worldwide guarantee

Price: Under 2000

Available on

Best Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Before purchasing an electric razor for men, one should have a better understanding of what features to choose from according to their requirements.

1.Rotary Blade or Electric Foil Shaver?

Both the types of electric shavers cater to different needs. So, pick the right one according to your usage.

A)Foil Head Electric Shaver

These foil head shavers are good for people with sensitive skin.

The metal foil present on the razor prevents it from direct contact with your skin, thereby avoiding skin irritation issues.

Comfortable and gives smoother and close shaveNot suggested for people with long beards
Easy to use and clean; Perfect for beginners with sensitive skinThese razors get hot quickly as the blades oscillate at higher speeds
Fewer pinching of beard (hair follicles)Make loud noise due to more vibrations
Great precision and control
For daily shavers

B]Rotary Blade Electric Shavers

These rotary blade electric razors are perfect for unique facial shapes as they come with spinning discs and floating heads.

They can easily be used in shaving the hard to reach areas. The heads move in multiple directions in order to provide a close shave by adjusting to the contours of the individual’s face.

Suitable for people with long and thick beardsCleaning is a bit difficult as they come with 3 to 4 heads with round edges
QuiterNot suitable for close shave
For occasional shavers (weekly/monthly)

2.Corded vs Cordless vs Battery Powered

  • The corded shavers need to be plugged to a power source in order to use.
  • The battery powered electric shavers are perfect for frequent travelers.
  • And, the plug-in type electric shavers are the best of the three as you can use then wirelessly after charging the device.

3.Speed and Efficiency

The speed of an electric shaver’s motor is calculated in RPM (revolutions per minute) or CPM (cycles per minute).

As a thumb rule, get the shaver that has more power.

Ideal speed should be 11000 RPM or CPM.

4.Wet or Dry Electric Shaver

Wet electric razors are considered mostly by men with sensitive skin or acne issues. You can use a gel or shaving cream to get a clean shave.

Where as the dry electric razors don’t support using any type of liquids while shaving.

5.Ease of Cleaning

You should definitely clean the razor after each use or else you’ll be prone to many infections.

When compared with the rotary shavers, the foil shavers are easier to clean.

Some of the latest models come with disinfection feature to tackle this issue.

6.Ergonomics or Design

Try to get the shaver that is designed to fit any hand. This is good especially if you’re a left hander.

7.Replacement of Parts

If you use an electric shaver on a regular basis, then you’ll have to replace the blades once a year for effective and clean shaven.

A few top electric shaver brands offer extra pair of foils, blades or rotary heads, depending on the model.


Most electric shavers when fully charged will give you a minimum of 7 shaves before they require charging.

You can see the low battery warning indication in the form of an LED indicator.

9.Automatic Shut-off

Almost all the rechargeable electric shavers come with an option to automatically shut-off the device once it is fully charged to avoid any wastage of power.

10.Brand Quality

It is highly recommended to go for trusted brands as their shavers come with best build-quality and it also easier to find replacement parts in the future.

11.Warranty & Price

Most of the brands provide 2 years of warranty for an electric shaver. And, the price totally depends on the brand popularity and features you choose.

Typically, the best electric shaver in India starts from Rs.2000 and goes up based on their specifications and build-quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which is better? Foil or Rotary shaver?

Foil shavers are best people with for sensitive skin or acne problems. Rotary shavers are best for people with long & thick beard. Foil shavers are cost-efficient when compared with rotary head razors. So, pick the one that suits your requirements.

2.Which is best Philips shaver?

Philips Aquatouch series is the best when it comes to wet/dry electric shavers for men in India.

3.Which electric shaver brand is best?

I would always prefer the Philips to any other brand, especially when it comes to best electric shavers in India.

4.Which is better? Electric shaver or Manual razor?

Yes, electric shavers are always better than the manual razors when it comes to skin protection. The blades in an electric razor are padded with micro-foil or comb so that they’re gentler on your skin.

5.How often should I replace the blades?

It depends mainly on your usage (regular or occasional) as well as the brand. Typically, one should change the blades once a year for better performance.

6.Which is better? Shaver or Trimmer?

Well, it depends on your liking. If you want a clean shave, go for an electric shaver. If you want to sport a cool beard style, get a trimmer. It’s that simple.

7.Can I use a shaving cream with an electric shaver?

Well, if the model you’ve purchased is waterproof (wet shaver), then yes.

That’s all friends! All the above shavers also come with precision trimmers for cutting your long beard or shaping it. Do pick up the right shaver from the list of best electric shavers for men in India.