Latest Virat Kohli Beard Styles

It’s been a very long time since I have seen Virat Kohli without a beard. He loves to sport different beard styles on many occasions and they suit him pretty well.

Once a fellow cricketer has challenged Kohli with the hash tag #BreakTheBeard, but he skipped it just because he loves to grow his facial hair so much.

In fact, his fans (including me) like him not just for his batting talent but also for his macho beard look and style.

There are people who even wanted to know the names of the beard styles that virat is sporting.

So, in this article, we’ll not only be looking at Virat Kohli beard style HD images, but also find the detailed information about the style name and how to grow them.

Best of Virat Kohli Beard Styles

Here’s the top 10 beard styles of Virat Kohli that he sported at many occasions starting from his initial days to present.

1.Full Beard with Pompadour Hairstyle

A fully grown beard trimmed near the jawline and chin with clean shaven cheeks and sideburns.

Virat Kohli trimmed beard with pompadour hairstyle

2.Full Grown Square-Cut Beard with Mohawk Hairstyle

A full grown nicely shaped beard complemented by a side faded Mohawk hairstyle.

virat kohli full beard with mohawk hairstyle

3.Stubble Beard Style with Short Hair

This is one of the very simple beard styles of Virat Kohli.

He sported a very clean and minimal look with extremely light stubble and sharp lines along the cheek and jawline, accompanied by a short spiked hairstyle.

This is a cool beard style for those with care-free nature.

virat kohli stubble beard style

4.Full Grown Beard & Moustache with Natural Hairline

A full grown beard and mustache without sharply cut facial hair accompanied by a short hairstyle.

virat kohli with full grown beard short hair

5.French Beard Style with Trimmed Sidelines

This style resembles a french beard but with light hair along the cheeks and jawline + dense hair around the chin and mustache region.

Suits well for party goers.

virat kohli with french beard

6.Light Goatee with Faded, Side-Parted Hairstyle

This is one of the best beard styles of Virat Kohli that he sports while he is not playing the game. This gives him a smart professional look.

You can see the light goatee with short-trimmed beard and mustache accompanies by a faded side-parted hairstyle and nice goggles.

virat kohli with goatee and side parted hairstyle

7.Light Stubble Beard with Trendy Hairstyle

This is another crazy bearded look of Kohli. Well, this is popular mainly because of the accompanied hairstyle with side cuts on both the sides.

This simple light stubble suits well for youngsters or college going boys.

virat kohli with light beard

8.Full Beard with Clean Jawline and Short Hairstyle

This beard style is most popular among the Indian boys, especially in the ages between 16 to 20.

This fully grown facial beard with clean lines along the jawline and cheeks gives you a cool youngster look.

It gels well with a short hairstyle.

virat kohli beard style hd image

9.Simple Beard Style with Boy Next Door Looks

This is the simple beard style that Virat has sported during his initial days in the Cricket.

This boy next door look is suitable for youth and it looks natural without worrying about sharp lines.

virat kohli beard style young boy look

10.Light Faded Beard Style

Want to look like the boy next door? Like simplicity? Then, this style suits you.

Here, Virat sported a light faded beard style with sharp trimmed lines, accompanies with a short side parted hairstyle.

virat kohli boy next door beard style

How to Grow a Beard Like Virat Kohli?

In order to sport a beard like Kohli, first pick the style that you liked the most. Then, follow the below steps.

  1. First, grow a full beard for a month or two, without shaving or trimming in the middle.
  2. Next, download the HD image of Virat Kohli beard style that you like.
  3. Use a high precision beard trimmer and an electric shaver or razor, whatever you’re comfortable with.
  4. Place the mobile in front of you and using a beard comb, shave the jawline or cheek wherever the beard style looks clean shaven.
  5. Next, trim the parts like chin and mustache according to the length shown in the downloaded picture.
  6. Give the final touches using a scissor to cut any uneven hairlines.

That’s all! If you’ve followed the exact process shown above, you’ll likely to shape your beard to look like one of the best Virat kohli beard styles. Hope it helps.

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