How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache Fast?

Are you hearing the word ‘handlebar moustache’ for the first time?

Then, you’re definitely a teenager who is just trying to grow a moustache. There are thousands of groups around the world that are dedicated to men sporting a handlebar mustache.

Surprisingly, 95% of these men would never grow another style of moustache and are loyal to these clubs.

In the good old days, most of the army people and politicians used to sport this handlebar moustache. However, with time passing by, it became a trend setter among the youngsters. In fact, there is no particular/dedicated pattern for this style. Everyone can create their own unique designs based on the basic version.

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Handlebar Mustache?

Well, growing a moustache that looks like handlebar isn’t tough, but it would take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months to get a perfect shape and length. During the growth period, you can use the beard wax to keep your extra hairs away from your mouth. This is when you should train your hair to go in the direction of a handlebar by waxing it.

Essentials Required:

How to Grow & Style a Handlebar Moustache?

Handlebar Mustache Pictures
Image Credit: Supra Quintessential

Anybody can grow a mustache, but it takes dedication to get the perfect styling. Here are few steps you’ll need to concentrate in order to grow a perfect handlebar.

#1.Don’t Trim Your Mustache

Well, many people tend to do this mistake of trimming the extra hair due to itching. You can follow these tips to avoid itching. But, never trim your hair and let it grow in as thick as possible. This would help in styling it.

#2.Brush the Hair Regularly

Try to dedicate a few minutes every day to style your moustache (hair) with a quality brush/comb. This helps in getting the desired shape easily.

#3.Use Wax for Shaping

Handlebard Moustache Styling Tips
Photo: Mike Harrington

Get a beard wax and apply it to the moustache to help it stay in shape. This is a very crucial step as you’ll end up with an irregular shape after you’ve fully grown your mustache. So, wax & shape your hair at every step. Just twist the end of the moustache into your desired shape.

#4.Maintenance Mode

Once you’ve achieved the handlebar moustache, it is time to maintain it by regular brushing/combing and beard wax.

Finally, the thumb rule of achieving a handlebar mustache is very simple.

Grow Hair > Wax it > Twist & Shape it > Maintain It

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