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William Leonard Roberts II or Rick Ross as better known, is an American rapper and entrepreneur.

Generally, most of the rappers do sport a cool beard style in order to look trendy. Rick Ross is more famous for his signature facial hairstyle (prison guard) than as a rapper.

Normally, the skin tone of Black men is different and not all beards would look good on them. Thankfully, Rick Ross beard is one of the best choices for such people as it gives unique style and shape to suit their face.

Anatomy of Rick Ross Beard
Credits: MTV Hive

How to Grow a Beard like Rick Ross?

If you wanted to grow a signature beard like Rick Ross, you’ll need to grow a full beard first. You can use these biotin supplements in order to grow a thicker hair. Once you’ve a fully grown beard, you’re ready to get a cut. This prison guard beard style is very easy to style at home.

  • First of all, keep the overall length short.
  • Next, outline the beard in the neckline and upper facial areas.
  • To create a clean swooping motion towards the mouth, slightly bend the upper beard area from your sideburns. Then, slightly extend this line upwards when closing to the mouth.

    P.S: To get a clear idea, keep a photograph of Rick Ross in front of you while grooming.

  • Make sure you use a quality beard trimmer to style the Prison Guard beard. Our top pick would be the Whal Professional 8081.

Rick Ross Beard Maintenance Tips

Styling a new beard is a child’s play, but maintaining is a bit difficult and not everyone could master this art. Beards usually dry out our facial skin too fast and can cause itching of beard. So, it is better you keep a small comb in your pocket just in case. Secondly, use the best beard conditioner that helps in softening the thick hair and also facial skin. Thirdly, do cut the extra hair every week so that the beard appearance won’t get spoiled.

Rick Ross Beard Pictures

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