King Leonidas Beard Style: How to Grow a Spartan Beard?

The role of the ‘King’ Leonidas in the film ‘300’ was played by Gerard Butler.

He became famous for many reasons, but one main reason was his beard style.

A lot of people got inspired to grow a beard like Leonidas and a few got succeeded too. If you like the facial hair style of King Leonidas, then you should know that his beard style has got a name, which is called ‘short boxed beard’.

Instead of sporting a usual full bearded style, Gerard Butler decided to grow a short boxed style to look unique in the role of King Leonidas.

This special beard style is trending a lot these days, especially with hipster, where you’ll be sporting the short boxed facial hair with an undercut hairstyle.

How to Grow a Spartan Beard like King Leonidas in 300 Movie?

In order to get the Leonidas beard look, you’ll have to follow these steps mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, grow your facial hair for at least 6 weeks without trimming.
  2. Once you have achieved the full beard length, you are ready to start the 300 beard transformation.
  3. Use the best beard trimmer to style it by shaping the side hair on your face in a square shape, just like the short boxed style.
  4. Keep the below pictures of Gerard Butler (300 Movie fame) handy and shape your beard until you achieve the desired spartan beard.

Tip: Don’t want to make a mess while trimming your hair, then use this special beard trimmer which comes with a vacuum system at an affordable price.

King Leonidas Beard Style (Close Up Pictures)

Want some inspiration? Here are a few close up stills of Leonidas beard from the movie ‘300’.

Original King Leonidas Beard Style
Grow a Spartan Beard like King Leonidas
300 Beard with Undercut Hairstyle
Leonidas with Bearded Look in 300 Movie
Gerard Butler 300 Beard Style Short Boxed
Side View of Leonidas Beard in 300 Movie
Gerard Butler as King Leonidas Beard Style

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