Cool Beard Styles for Bald Guys or Men with Shaved Head

Generally, it is a norm for people to think that beard is only for those with a good looking hairstyle. But, like everything in this world, fashion trends too change with time. And Yes! Men with bald head too look good by sporting a beard or facial hairstyle that match their facial structure. Basically, there are two types of bald heads - permanent bald head and clean shaved head.

In the first type i.e., permanent bald head, there will be some hair on the sides of the head, whereas in the second type, it is completely hairless (those who choose to shave off a full head of hair).

So, it is very important to grow a beard style that balances your face shape and size so that you could attract the eyeballs towards your beard easily. You can give your personality an extra mile by sporting a cool beard style with the perfect dressing.

Different Types of Beard Styles for Bald Heads

You can sport any of the below facial hairstyles for a trendy look. They are
  1. Goatee (Full or Classic)
  2. Stubble
  3. Full Beard
  4. Mustache
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    Best Beard Styles for Bald Guys (with Pictures)


    Hugh Jackman, who is popularly known for his role as a Wolverine in the X-Men series has got a completely new avatar (Blackbeard) for his role in the upcoming movie 'Pan'. He is sporting a beard style called 'Goatee' with twirled mustache and a shaved head. This facial hairstyle is also known as Van Dyke.
    Hugh Jackman with Twirled Moustache and Goatee Beard
    There are various styles of Goatee but everything falls under two categories - full goatee and classic goatee.

    The full goatee is often seen in bikers, corporate people, construction men, evil twins from the outside world (just kidding) etc... It suits the class people as well as the mass.Whereas the classic goatee is often seen in rock stars (people related to music niche), IT guys and a lot of youngsters.

    Bald Head Men with Classic Goatee

    Bald Headed Men with Goatee Beard

    Full Goatee with Bald Head for Youngsters

    Goatee Beard Style for Balded Men

    Goatee Mustache with Bald Head

    Goatee Beard for Balded Men


    This beard style is good particularly for men with bald head (some hair on the sides of the head). The aura of the stubble is sexy.
    Bald Men with Stubble Beard Style

    Becham's Stubble Beard with Baldness

    Stubble Facial Hairstyle with Bald Head

    #3.Full Beard

    The full beard is actually a counter to the baldness. Instead of the hair on your head, you grow a beard on the face. The full beard is an excellent choice especially, for those who crossed their 40's. This style may look traditional, but you can customize it to look modern.

    BTW, who else would look great with full beard and bald head, other than our very own Bruce Willis?
    Bald Men with Full Beard Style

    Bruce Full Grown Beard with Bald Head

    Long Beard Styles for Bald Men


    If you don't like to or not comfortable sporting a beard, then you can try to grow a mustache. The mustache is one of the best options to style with a bald head. Simply, leave your mustache unshaved for 3 or 4 days and it will blend with your face.

    Bruce Mustache with Bald Head

    James Franco is a Bald Men with Mustache

    Hope these best beard styles for bald man are inspiring. If you come across any good beard options on the web, then please comment with the URLs below.

    Hottest Trending Beard Styles for Men in 2017

    The Fashion trends change every year. What rocked this year may not have audience next year. In recent times, not only Women but also men try to look fashionable by changing their appearance. One latest trend in the men's fashion world is growing facial hair. You can find different Celebrities wearing a rugged look with unique & cool beard styles.

    Men are trying to experiment different styles of beard that suits their face. Even the girls started admiring men with beards these days, thanks to the Hollywood celebrities who made it a trend.

    For any human being, hair is one of the most essential things, in order to look good. Not having hair at appropriate places won't make you attractive and may embarrass you at many occasions. That being said, even if you have enough hair on your head, you'll still look unattractive if you don't flaunt a clumsy beard. A proper beard maintenance along with a stylish hair style will make a man more attractive. It is always suggested to groom it in order to present yourself good in front of others.

    It varies according to your body type and facial structure. You can look awesome if you're able to select a suitable beard style according to your color and structure.

    A lot of times, men look more attractive with a beard, may be because of the rugged look it gives your face. So, if you want to maximize your appearance in front of your GF, it is better you grow a beard immediately and style it according to the size and shape of your face.

    We’ve earlier discussed different beard styles for men with bald heads, curly hair, black men and even posted a full guide on Goatee beard styles. However, in today’s post, let us discuss about the trending beard styles that are hot in 2017.

    Best Beard Styles for Men in 2017

    #1.Full Beard

    Men with Full Grown Beard
    © Tumblr
    If you want others to consider you as the manliest of men, then a full beard is what you need to grow. The style gives you a classy touch when groomed and rugged when it’s left untouched. Since it requires very less maintenance compared to the other styles, it is unarguably the most popular beard style of all. This style suits men of all ages, especially those with large/muscular body frame.

    #2.Designer Stubble

    Men with Designer Stubble Beard

    This beard style is considered as the trendiest in the list. The ‘Designer Stubble’ aka ‘Five O’clock Shadow’ became popular in the 1980s. It was later followed by the youngsters after George Michael sported it. You need to grow a short beard that is aimed to affect a rugged masculine. Men between teenage to 25 or college going guys usually try this style and it suits them good too.

    #3.Van Dyke

    Van Dyke or Blackbeard
    © Pinterest
    This is another hottest beard style that is downright artsy. It consists of a short, pointy mustache and pointy beard, but with no hair on the sides of the face. It requires regular maintenance. The Van Dyke beard suits the old men, but everyone can give it a try. Hugh Jackman has sported this beard in the movie ‘PAN’.

    #4.Hipster Beard

    Hipster Beard Style with Undercut
    Although it makes you look very rough, you need special skills to maintain this hipster beard. It looks best with a particular hairstyle combination where in you shouldn’t grow a ‘neck beard’. Few enthusiasts also trim the hair around the mouth (moustache). The original hipsters usually grow a handlebar mustache to make it look trendier.


    Professional Looking Beard Style
    © Tumblr
    In order to grow a professional beard style, you should first need to grow a full beard and then trim it in such a way that the hair is kept shorter and the lines are shaped tighter. This facial hairstyle is suitable for men between 25 to 35 years of age.

    #6.Captain Jack

    © Flickr
    This particular style became popular after Johnny Depp sported it for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. It is a blend of soul patch, mustache and goatee-like whiskers. This style suits men between 18 to 35 with lean body frame.

    A few more cool facial hairstyles you can consider.

    Will Smith Goatee Beard

    Beard Styles for Black Men with Curly Hair

    Beard Styles for Bald Black Men

    Black Men Chin Strap beard

    Beard styles for Black Men with Glasses

    Beard Styles for Black Men with Mustache

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    Black Men Goatee

    Chin Curtain Beard for Black Men

    Cool Beard for Old Black Men

    French Beard Style for Black Men

    Full Beard Black Men Pictures

    Full Beard with Mustache for Black Men

    Goatee for Bald Black Men

    Goatee Style for Black Guys

    Light Cut Beard for Black Males

    Subtle Strip Facial Hair Styles for Black Men

    Old Fashioned Beard Styles

    Che Guevara Beard Style

    Epic Old Beard Man

    The Old Pony Tail Beard Combo

    Russian Beard Styles

    Cool Beard for Business People

    Best Beard Style for Weak Chin

    Jim Carrey with Beard

    Men With Beard And Glasses

    300 Beard: King Leonidas Beard

    Recommended Products for Maintaining a Beard

    Beard Oil

    A good beard oil helps in moisturizing the skin beneath the beard, thereby preventing flaking, dandruff and skin dryness. Using a beard oil also keeps your facial hair soft, shiny and smooth.

    Mustache Wax

    The mustache wax is useful, especially in maintaining the strength (stiffness) of the hair around the mouth.

    That’s all friends! The above are the hottest beard styles for men in 2017. So, which is your favorite facial hairstyle of all. Do comment below.

    How to Stop a Beard from Itching? Get Rid of Beard Dandruff

    Growing a full beard is every man’s dream and is definitely on of the most satisfying things, but there are a few problems associated with it in reality.

    The biggest problem faced by the men with a beard is ‘itching’.

    Beard itching is a very common problem seen in a lot a men these days. It is also known as ‘ringworm’. It is simply a superficial fungal infection that affects the skin on the beard area of the face and neck.

    The itching of beard happens mostly due to improper shaving, dandruff, using dirty blades, irregular cleaning of the beard etc… If you don’t take necessary precautions to cure the itchy beard problem, then it is going to be very painful and make you feel uncomfortable.

    Taking care of a beard is an art and not everyone could master it. Most men do not understand this concept. They simply think that growing a beard means leaving it uncut for a few days or months.

    This is completely wrong. When you don’t take proper care of your beard, it creates several problems like itching, heat rash and even chicken pox.

    What Causes Beard Itch?

    The itchy beard problem starts when you shave it. The new follicles grow out cutting into the skin and cause tiny serrations. When such minor cuts happen so often, they lead to severe irritation and make your beard unbearably itchy.

    Second reason for a itchy beard is dead skin cells, which end up rubbing against the skin while growing out, thereby causing irritation.

    How to Get Rid of Itchy Beard?

    You can easily stop your face from itching while growing a beard by following the below precautionary measures.

    1.Clean Your Beard

    First of all, use a separate towel for cleaning your face after washing. When you share it with others or use a common towel, then you may be affected with dandruff and other problems. Also, don’t rub your beard too hard with the towel.

    Like the towel, you should also have your own pillow while sleeping.

    Always clean your beard properly with water when you come from outside. This is to avoid the dust particles caught in your beard from causing the itching sensation.

    Avoid using a hair shampoo for your beard. Instead, use a dedicated beard shampoo as it is designed to remove dead cells and prevent itchiness.

    2.Condition Your Beard

    natural beard oil for growth
    Do treat your beard just like the hair on your head. Even it needs to be conditioned.

    However, don’t use the regular hair conditioner as it contains harsh chemicals that won’t be smooth on your face skin.

    Get the beard conditioner that makes the hair smooth and silky.

    3.Moisturize Your Beard

    Tea Tree Beard Oil
    Remember that your beard should be kept hydrated all day.

    And in order to do that, you’ll need a good beard oil and beard balm to keep it soft and free from itching.

    Just a few drops of beard oil will do the trick and it also helps your beard grow faster and thicker.

    4.Trim Your Beard

    Panasonic Cordless Beard Trimmer
    Don’t let your beard grow like a wild man.

    Because that is why it itches in the first place. After your beard reaches a certain length, start trimming it on a regular basis so that the excess hair follicles won’t cause beard itchiness.

    Here are the best beard trimmers you can consider for trimming your overgrown facial hair.

    5.Comb Your Beard

    Regularly combing the beard will not only give it a good shape but also reduces the risk of scratching and itching.

    Invest in a good beard comb that won’t cost much online.

    The best time to comb your beard is after you come out of the shower and every time when you wash the hair.

    6.Provide Nutrition for Your Beard

    Beard Growth XL Facial Hair Supplement
    It is a no-brainer that Biotin is required for natural hair growth in any person. It contains Vitamins B6, C and E, which are good, especially for your hair. They improve your hair quality and also make it grow faster.

    Also, get enough Vitamin A as it helps in making your skin healthier, thereby promoting hair growth.

    Omega-3 fatty acids are also important as they protect cell membranes. You can either take hair growth supplements or get them from your diet.

    These are the most common and recommended precautionary measures to be taken in order to avoid an itchy beard. If you’re still worried about the itchy beard, then do consult a skin specialist and take proper treatment. If the condition is severe, make sure to stop growing the beard as long as you take the treatment and recover from the problem.